Ingénieur en électronique (banc de production)

Flybotix SA

Renens, canton de Vaud, Suisse


1-1kCHF (mensuel)

Génie électrique


May 4

At Flybotix we are designing a drone embedding a new generation propulsion system which increases the time of flight.

During the internship, the intern will be part of our team and will work in our fresh startup environment. He will design hardware parts and develop firmware to be able to reach the objectives of the production bench. The design will encompass the electrical schematic and the routing, the 3D CAD design, and pieces of firmware. The intern could be asked to do some other electronic tasks as well. If successful, the production benches will be used on our assembly line.

Time: As soon as possible, for a duration of 2-3 months.

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